We created Juma to be a place that you want to come to, where everyone gets to know you and supports you in your goals. It’s a community of like-minded people getting a great workout and being their best self.

who we are

We are the treadmill studio for everyone, we welcome walkers, joggers and runners alike. Juma is a place where you will be supported and encouraged on your fitness journey. Move with us as we progress towards a better self and a better community.

meet our mentors


At juma, our classes are created with the understanding that our tribe are all at different places on their fitness journey. Our focus isn’t on the numbers. To us, how far you go or how fast you are is not important. What’s important is feeling amazing about what your doing. We are different because we will lift your spirt higher than you can imagine. We are not just a class, we are a community experience.

what does it mean?

Our name, “juma” means “to run” in the language of the Tarahumara Tribe, an indigenous tribe of people in Mexico renowned for their running ability.

Their accommodating, inclusive and optimistic culture of community has inspired us to pursue a greater purpose. We encourage one another to affect positive change and are inspired by our namesake to give back.

Giving Back