We use Woodway Treadmills, the most accomplished machine on the market. Woodways achieve a more efficient stride and increases efficiency, which means you improve your performance and reduce the risk of injury.

the woodway effect

Woodway treadmills are great for weight loss, eliminating stress and improving heart health. It’s a cardio machine that engages your entire body. When you move forward on the treadmill every muscle comes to the party‚Ķ we call it:



Our signature 3 part interval-based treadmill class will enlighten your walk, jog or running senses.

treadmill form

juma Mentors take pride in our ability to help you perfect your form. We will be using form cues during the class, however we are always available before and after class for any specific questions.

running form

Head over shoulders, shoulders over hips, hips over the your mid foot. Swing your arms at 90 degrees without crossing in front of your body. Keep your eyes forward. (not over the screen).

Your foot should always land right under your hip. This keeps us upright and allows us to be more efficient for the next push off.

walking form

Feet hips width apart. Your body is stacked straight up and down from your feet to your hips. Toes facing forward. Your Foot should strike on your heal and roll onto the ball of your foot. As you roll through the ball of your foot you want to roll forward onto your toes and push off into the next step.

Your shoulders should be relaxed. Your arms should be at a 90-degree angle slightly above your hipbone. Your arms stay on your side as you pump them front and back. Proper arm position will make your experience more efficient.

treadmill classes

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